Batteries Everywhere!

Did you ever think of how many batteries there are present in your everyday life?

It may surprise you that literally everyone has one or more batteries playing an essential role our daily routine. It might be a fun, if not totally ridiculous exercise to actually reflect on how many of these portable micro-kilowatt devices we depend on today and everyday to power our modern world.

Ask yourself if you have used, or will use any of these devices today, all powered by a battery of some shape or size.

Here are some that come to mind, you probably have even more!

Pacemaker or other medical device Vehicle Laptop Computer Cellphone

Watch Calculator Alarm Clock Flashlight Vaping Bluetooth Speaker

Audio Player Toothbrush Shaver Laser Pointer Computer Mouse Remotes

Pencil sharpener Power Tool Lawn Tool

All of these products may need to be plugged in for a while because within the device, is a wonder of the modern world…..a rechargeable battery. is a website dedicated to exploring the ever changing world of products that can improve our life and save us money, all while learning a little more about those things that consume power….aka WATTS.

More about electricity later. Rest assured, this is a site where COMMON SENSE is spoken.

More to come!

Larry, the Homewatts Guy