Fun With LED Strips (Part 2)

half hour of amusement for a few dollars!

I wanted to continue the fun with LED strips, but I don’t have anymore to play with, so rather than tear apart the “el-cheapo” light I made, I made a quick video to explain how I created the salad bowl light fixture. Sorry for the background noise….. Aquarium filter.

DIY Battery Pack Experiment

One of the coolest trends in modern transportation is the oldest!

The everyday bicycle has been around for well over a century now, allowing a simple mode of transportation that is both inexpensive and low maintenance. Most cities have some very scenic trails that entice the rider to savor the ride even more, leading to a market full of elaborate options for upgrading . It’s not Grandpa’s bicycle shop anymore! Even the tricycle has matured to an extremely useful low cost commuter.

A friend of mine recently bought a 3 wheeled bike he uses for his main transportation. What he was doing with it sparked my curiosity to the maximum! This bike was going to be a full fledged tricycle equipped with nearly a Kilowatt of power connected. The battery alone was an investment of nearly $300. This friend introduced me to some links about building your own E-Bike batteries, and I was hooked immediately!

I am not interested in building an E-Bike at this time, but I am interested in powering a recently purchased AC 110volt 30 Watt LED work light with Lithium Batteries. My hope is to power off the shelf work lights for extended periods directly from a small DC to AC inverter. There are a few products on the market already, but they are expensive and are only AC or Battery…. I want the best of both worlds.

Most of the Do-It-Yourself battery projects are for just a few categories: Solar, Electric Vehicles, Power Tools, and lighting. There are many others, but the above are the majority applications.

So after my friend gave me insight into battery packs, I was off to the races so to speak, to build something for my big spotlight. I will continue as time permits to keep full of information as I learn this stuff!…………………….Larry